Spring Creek Voting House

This building is believed to be the first voting house constructed strictly as a voting house west of the Mississippi River. It was built in 1880 about four miles east of Oskaloosa and only open on election days. Over time, security around its original location was minimal and the building experienced vandalism. The trustees overseeing the building asked MCHS if the building could be moved to the Nelson Pioneer Farm but still be used as the township voting location.

The township trustees paid for the building to be moved in 1977 and it continued to be used as the Spring Creek township voting location until 1992.

A Note to Photographers

Please call our Director Mac at 641-672-2989 or email her at director@nelsonpioneer.org to get permission to come take photographs of the property. This is not an open site and permission is necessary so we can let our property caretaker know.