Rus Scale House

Built on a farm north of Peoria, Iowa in 1865, it houses an original buffalo farm scale that was used to weigh livestock and grain before heading to market. The wagon would be driven up the scale, weighed empty and then weighed again full. The scale weighs up to 6,000 pounds. The Rus family acquired the scale house in 1884. It was used during WWII by the Carrol Macy Stockyards of Sully to weigh hogs.

In 1984, Mahaska County made plans to widen the road near the original location, intending to destroy the building in the process. The County Engineer contacted MCHS about preserving the building, and the owner agreed to donate the building. It was moved to its present location in 1984 and received new siding, a crawl space, and trap door to allow for access and repairs for the scale.

A Note to Photographers

Please call our Director Mac at 641-672-2989 or email her at to get permission to come take photographs of the property. This is not an open site and permission is necessary so we can let our property caretaker know.