Family All Ages

November 2 - December 18

In A Box!

Our annual Christmas event with crafts, food, and music is transitioning to an “In a Box” option for purchase.

Three different box options are available:

A Victorian Christmas
Tussy Mussy
Christmas carol music ornament
Victorian stocking
Angel ornament
Christmas popper

A Pioneer Christmas
Mason jar ring ornament
Popcorn & cranberry garland
Burlap stocking
Twine angel ornament
Orange & clove pomander

A Coal Mining Christmas
Ring of Holly wreath
Dala Horse wrapping paper
Slavic folk ornament
Candle stained glass image
Clothes pin angel ornament

Options and Pricing:

All boxes have supplies for 2 people:

$20 MCHS Members
$25 non-members

Call Margaret at 641-672-2989 or email to place an order.

Available while supplies last.

A Note to Photographers

Please call our Director Margaret at 641-672-2989 or email her at to get permission to come take photographs of the property. This is not an open site and permission is necessary so we can let our property caretaker know.