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Open May through September

10:00 am - 4:00 pm Tuesday thru Saturday

12:00 pm - 5:00 pm Sunday

Closed Monday


Buses and Tour Groups Welcome

Please make advance arrangements by calling  (641) 672-2989


Ask the Curator via e-mail

Bradbury Hall Inquiries via e-mail


Genealogy Library Hours

10:00 am - 1:00 pm Tuesday & Thursday

during open season


Admission Fees

$   7.00 - Adult

$   2.00 - Student (age 6-18)

    FREE - Child (5 & under, with adult)

    FREE - Historical Society Member

$   2.00 - K-12 Education Groups

$   5.00 - Groups of 10+



Guided Tour of the Nelson House—Introduction to Pioneer Living & Emigration
Analyzing Human Populations, Movements, etc. and Iowa History: SS.K.15, SS.K.17, SS.1.21, SS.2.21, SS.3.11, SS.3.27, SS.4.10, SS.5.20, SS.6.23, SS.7.21, SS.8.19

Cultivating/Planting Area of the Garden or Laundry—Domestic Life & Foodways
Ecology, Biology, Life Sciences, Earth Science and Human Activity, and Geometry concepts: K.OA.A.5, 1.G.A.3, 2.LS2.1, 3.ESS3.1, 5.LS1.1

Farm Chores & Bartering—Farm Economics

Biology, 21st Century Skills, Economics, Changes over Time: SS.K.11, SS.K.17, SS.1.12, 2.MD.C.8, SS.3.12, SS.4.12, SS.5.16, SS.5.17, SS.6.24

*Blacksmith Demo or Artifact Exploration in Equipment Barn—Technology
Technology, Innovation, Mechanical Sciences, Mathematics, Economic Need, Historic Developments Over Time: K-2.ETS1-3, 4.PS3.2, MS.ETS1-3, SS.4.12, SS.4.25, SS.4.26, SS.5.13, SS.8.16

*Water Races, Spelling Bee, and Lawn Games—A Child’s Life/School Life
Compare/contrast past and present, Learning through play, 21st Century Skills: 21.K-2.ES.1, 21.3-5.ES.1, SS.K.9, SS.1.10, SS.2.21, SS.3.28, SS.4.10, SS.5.12, SS.6.22, SS.7.17

Scavenger Hunt and Exploration of Museum Exhibits—Local History
Compare/contrast past and present, technology, historic developments and changes over time, Native people in Mahaska County, arts, culture, and music

*Only available if volunteer schedules permit

Please let us know if your class has any specific needs (sensitivity to sound, mobility concerns, behavioral concerns, etc) and we are happy to work with you.

Note: many of our buildings are not fully handicapped accessible.

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